Ep 196: Where Does Fulfillment Come From? 🤔

For a long time, I was convinced it came from having money.

I’d never had any, and even after I started creating some, I always used it to create what was next. Six years ago, I started really practicing ‘having’ and my sense of money really changed. It funded us having 2 full years of exploring ourselves and other countries. It changed, forever, my sense of lack or need - they disappeared.

But although I thought I would be, I wasn’t what I would call ‘fulfilled’.

My business really grew and for a while I was really elated. Top of the world. But I wasn’t what you would call fulfilled.

My discovery of fulfillment is ongoing.

Here are some of my latest learnings:

— it doesn’t come from money, although money makes life easier

— I have more of a sense of it when I am continually choosing the space of me

— I feel most successful when I learn a new relationship skill and it really works

— people changing in front of me is one of the most rewarding effects I can have

The thing is we don’t look to change something - unless we want more of something.

And in truth, what can be wildly fulfilling in one moment, can, in the next, stop contributing that sensation altogether.

Maybe there is no ‘there’. 🤓

What if fulfillment was the ongoing choice of what is deeply rewarding to you? And discovering what that is, all that time?

If I can contribute to finding what it is for you, jump into my MiniMentor sessions!

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