Ep 190: How to Get Your Power Back 💪

I felt whipped. 😟
Freaked out.

Every single thing but powerful.

It wasn't the only time I'd felt this way. But I'd let things get bad, and now the creditors were calling and I wasn't sure how I was going to cover a very large rent.

After some very big girl choices, I was facing the big girl bills, and I hadn't yet pulled up those BG panties.

I stared at myself in the mirror that morning, sick and tired of my own choices, and knew that this would be one of the last mornings I felt this way.

I was going to do the thing Gary Douglas had been telling me to do for five freaking years.

Was it the last time I slipped into the abyss of no-power?

Nope. I danced on those dirty shores a time or two after.

But I studied and worked into my life the How to Become Money Workbook, and I changed. Now, when I get myself in a sticky moment, I rise back up again and know that I am. I can. And I will.

It took guts. And diligence, And persistence. And tenacity. But I have a new space to function from, forever. I will never not have me (or money) ever again.

Changing the foundation from which you function with money is a hero's journey. But it's possible.

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