Ep 175: Stuck? Or un-friggin-stoppable? Unpacking the 5 most common private session struggles.

Recognize yourself in this list? 😱
-- feeling overwhelmed
-- overthinking
-- feeling stuck
-- looking outside of you for the answers
-- afraid to be seen

There are more, but these 5 things come up in private sessions all 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 time 👏🏻 - and f*ck yea! All of these can change.

Let's unpack them. There are super practical and *powerful* tools that you can use to break free of these - now.

And if you get that you need someone in your court facilitating it with you, I'm HERE for it. Check out the Buy 5 | Get 5 on now!! 👇christeljoycrawford.com/whatsnew


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