Ep 174: If the Past Didn't Define You with Brendon Watt

Are you feeling trapped by your past and think it's too hard to begin again? 👉 This conversation is for you. ✨

What if your past didn't define you?

Brendon Watt is a powerful facilitator of Access Consciousness and a laser beam of light in a world where most people separate instead of stand back up and create.

In this conversation, we'll explore his story. And

⭐️ the art of creating your way forward from big self-created setbacks

⭐️ discovering who you are and what you can truly be and choose

⭐️ not letting past choices dictate what your future can be

⭐️ what the possibilities are when you don't anyone else's opinion control you

⭐️ creating beyond what even you think can you be and choose

And so much more.

Transformation is a series of brave, daily choices. You showing up for you. What if the new you could start now?

Join Brendon for his classes around the world! https://www.accessconsciousness.com/brendonwatt


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