Ep 168: Things that work (in relationship & life.) And things that don't.

2 more days to go - APPLY HERE! http://bit.ly/3FA6aBM In 2 days, 3 people start a 10 week private intensive with me on their relationship reality. (1 spot left!) I LOVE seeing change here, and if you want more ease, I want to be a part of creating it with you. Relationship reality can be a minefield of pain - or a wildflower field of possibilities or a combo of both. There are factor after factor after factor making it more complex. And most of us learned something totally insane. I can tell you after 9 full years of experimenting wildly: Some things work - and some things most definitely don't. 😁 Join me for my own personal insight into this crazytown we all love to hate - and then no matter where you're at, if you want more, apply above 👆🏻


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