Ep 11: Seasons. Cycles. Trusting you through the changes.

Episode #41

What we are really - both you and I - are brave adventurers exploring whatever 'beyond this reality' is.


And I don't know about you, but sometimes I have what feels like LONG periods of time where I'm changing intensely.


Like, lifetimes worth of concrete paradigms just floating away leaving everything in a new space of generation & creation of....... ????


Something new.


I have to trust myself fiercely during these times.


I can't verbalize much.


Programs and classes 'seem' to stall.


But someone once told me about winter wheat: a grain crop that you plant at what seems like exactly the wrong time of year and also seems dead until the moment it pops out of the ground when it shouldn't.


I wonder if we're more like that?


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