Ep 12: What Are You Making Real That May Not Be

Episode #42

Wow.  What a weekend.  I spent the entire weekend in a network marketing conference with about 1500 people.


And the entire thing was created to train us, and hopefully, excite us enough to start building!!


But what I noticed, that I'm pretty sure no one else saw, is that most everyone walked out of that room heavy.


You could look through the room and see that 'raising people's level of belief' didn't do anything for changing what they'd made so much more real about themselves.


Most of us have made it real that we can't.  We've totally cut off awareness of what's right about us and powerful about us.  So, we avoid, judge ourselves, go into conflict, angst... 


And we get to be abused by ourselves and other people, non-stop!!


DANG! Haha!


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