Ep 60: What one choice could you make?

Episode #40

I had no money.
I mean, none.
I had just flown back to Vancouver to a new boyfriend, a new home, no job, and fresh off an Access class that had blown my world wide open: all my reference points for ANYTHING were fucking missing.
I was broke-ass broke. And had spent the 3 weeks prior to that moment feeling damn sorry for myself.
Today, Facebook reminded me.
You and me would not be here, connecting like this, without that moment.
And this quarantine has brought out that drive in me to be even better. Reach farther. I'm spending hours educating myself on stuff I can't really talk to you about yet, that eventually will mean that what I offer you is even greater than it was before.
One choice after one choice after one choice.
What's one choice you could make today?

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