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Christel Joy Crawford  

is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, a Talk to the Entities® Facilitator and a success & business coach. Access Consciousness® is a body of weird, wild and wacky tools that empower you to know that you know, and restore you to the awareness of who you truly be and to greater possibilities and more choice than you ever thought possible.
Christel has created a multi-six-figured global online & live coaching & facilitation business.  Prior to this, she played key roles in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, culminating in owning her own restaurant, featured on the Food Network.  She's a decorated pianist and singer and has two other degrees in Theology & Landscape Design.


A note from Christel.

Listen, it's easy when you see someone on this end of things to think that they've always had it together.

But I only got here because I spent a ridiculous number of years being really and truly unhappy, and I was DESPERATE to find something that worked.

The unhappy started young.

My childhood was a bad mashup of talking my mom down from doing something insane, trying to not be seen and freaking out because some adult was literally screaming, 'Call the police!!!!'

I got married at 27.  Divorced at 32.  Married again at 32 and a half.  And divorced again at 37.

During and amongst, I spent 8 days in jail, worked at 22 different restaurants, moved States, opened a business, closed a business, and tried to not die at my own hand.

I SO didn’t want to be unhappy, and I so didn't know how to change it. I tried every single way ‘out’ the world tells you will work: church, therapy, EMDR, bodywork, meditation, booze, sex and self-help book after self-help book.

It all worked for moments. But at 35, I was on the front lawn of the farmhouse I shared with my then-husband, weeping and plotting between heaving sobs, my death-by-drowning.

I was done.

No one ever told me that I KNEW.

No one really told me any of the things that ended up changing everything.

That I was aware.
That 99% of that awareness wasn't even mine.
That feelings and things were creations and not things I had to make real for me.
That I had just been a target for some really mean & insane people.
That I was stronger than I'd ever acknowledged.

On and on and on and on.

Until Access Consciousness®.

And after one BARS® session, I knew something different.  That freaking session changed history.

In five sessions, I was able to change the constant over-analyzing that had plagued me with headaches & unbelievable inner conflict.

And when I found out about the four day class after that called Foundation, and then finally CHOSE it... well.

Here we are.

That choice changed the trajectory of my whole life:

in 8 months I became an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator.

My life today is unrecognizable from what it was.

I have 15 times'ed my annual income.
I travel the world to both facilitate and enjoy.
And I have a fucking phenomenal and vibrant online business that lets me play with amazing people all over the world.

I teach classes all over.
I facilitate global online programs and calls.
I create the space for people to choose and be more of them.
I author.
I coach with other business owners.


I live.

There aren't even enough words in the English language to express the level of gratitude in my world for Access.  For Gary.  For Dain. For all of my kick-ass facilitator friends who are out there creating more life.

And for you.

If you've ever known that something else MUST be possible - that there has to be something MORE….

You know. You. And I can’t wait to watch you fly.

Big love.



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