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Christel Joy Crawford  

facilitates & coaches people & entrepreneurs around the world empowering them to know that they know. She hosts a weekly show that continues to grow, reaching over 250,000 worldwide, and has authored several chapters in best-selling books.

When she’s not working, she loves on her partner & daughter, sips wine & single malts, and gets new business ventures started. 

She is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, a Talk to the Entities Certified Facilitator, a Healy Partner, an author & The Christel Crawford Show host, and she’s excited to see what’s next.


A note from Christel.

Listen, it's easy when you see someone on this end of things to think that they've always had it together.

But I only got here because I spent a ridiculous number of years being really and truly unhappy, and I was DESPERATE to find something that worked.

The unhappy started young.

My childhood was a bad mashup of talking my mom down from doing something insane, trying to not be seen and freaking out because some adult was literally screaming, 'Call the police!!!!'

I got married at 27.  Divorced at 32.  Married again at 32 and a half.  And divorced again at 37.

During and amongst, I spent 8 days in jail, worked at 22 different restaurants, moved States, opened a business, closed a business, and tried to not die at my own hand.

I SO didn’t want to be unhappy, and I so didn't know how to change it. I tried every single way ‘out’ the world tells you will work: church, therapy, EMDR, bodywork, meditation, booze, sex and self-help book after self-help book.

It all worked for moments. But at 35, I was on the front lawn of the farmhouse I shared with my then-husband, weeping and plotting between heaving sobs, my death-by-drowning.

I was done.

No one ever told me that I KNEW.

No one really told me any of the things that ended up changing everything.

That I was aware.
That 99% of that awareness wasn't even mine.
That feelings and things were creations and not things I had to make real for me.
That I had just been a target for some really mean & insane people.
That I was stronger than I'd ever acknowledged.

On and on and on and on.

Until Access Consciousness®.

And after one BARS® session, I knew something different.  That freaking session changed history.

In five sessions, I was able to change the constant over-analyzing that had plagued me with headaches & unbelievable inner conflict.

And when I found out about the four day class after that called Foundation, and then finally CHOSE it... well.

Here we are.

That choice changed the trajectory of my whole life:

in 8 months I became an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator.

My life today is unrecognizable from what it was.

I have 15 times'ed my annual income.
I travel the world to both facilitate and enjoy.
And I have a phenomenal and vibrant online business that lets me play with amazing people all over the world.

I teach classes all over.
I facilitate global online programs and calls.
I create the space for people to choose and be more of them.
I author.
I coach with other business owners.


I live.

There aren't even enough words in the English language to express the level of gratitude in my world for Access.  For Gary.  For Dain. For all of my kick-ass facilitator friends who are out there creating more life.

And for you.

If you've ever known that something else MUST be possible - that there has to be something MORE….

You know. You. And I can’t wait to watch you fly.

Big love.



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