MoneyShift® Speed Change Kit

✨ 8 Audio or Printed Tools for Quick On-the-Go Money Change 


"You can be the change you've been looking for: here's how I did it." 


What's included with your purchase (Inspired by the How to Become Money Workbook!!):

  • Audio: All About Your MoneyShift Speed Change Kit 
  • MoneyShift® Daily Clearing Loop (with the Big 4)
  • MoneyShift® Daily Success Workbook
  • MoneyShift® Gecko Fingers Exercise: For Heavy Moments and Energies
  • MoneyShift® Daily Mantras x 10
  • MoneyShift® Handle Stress & Worry | Create the New Vision Exercise
  • MoneyShift® Audio: A Taste of the How to Become Money Workbook
  • A Telegram group for easy access to the audios and irregular money-change challenges, using your new tools!

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What People Are Saying:

Super grateful here - these tools contribute so much to trusting me, being a lot more ready to put myself out there in the world, and just being me and offer what I have to offer. The big 4 clearings contribute a lot and also everything you said, Christel. A clearing I have been using a lot after we started this is: How much of the big 4 am I using to create the 'not enough' I am choosing? As this "feeling" or implant of "not enough" created a lot of me NOT going "fuck it - I just go, no matter what".


I'm following the energy more and more. I'm allowing myself to be the miracle I be, even with money, buying or donating money where it's asked for. I also have a new client that wants to have sessions more frequently than initially considered.


Celebrating that I gifted myself these megaton gifts and showed up for every one possible and know that I will continue working with the possibilities available now and continuing to open up. Thank you Christel. And thanks to all of the amazing questions that generated the conversations.

Dawn Roe

Its wonderfulll.... I am already great in being question+HDIGABTT MY thanks joining here seems more the inspiration l get here, informations for even more light to see better what truly is, the communion of beings you Christel bring together for a greater world.... Gratefulllll,


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