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PESJR's Study Series

A 17-call study series of “Projections, Expectations, Separations, Judgments & Rejections.”  Explore and study these very potent tools, see how they apply to your life, and play with choosing to be free!

“What if you were the best thing that ever happened on planet Earth? All the projections and expectations you’ve defined as meaningful are the things that keep you from being everything you are.” ~ Projections, Rejections, Separations, Judgments & Rejections~

Gary Douglas, in conversation with participants in a life-changing Access Consciousness(R) class, describes what projections, expectations, separations, judgments, and rejections are, the way they destroy you, your life, and your relationships, and how to get free of them and be everything you are.

As class participants ask questions about money, business, work, love, sex, bodies, parents, family, and kids, Gary offers lively stories, provocative questions, and amazingly effective tools, and clearings that will enable you to clearly see what is in front of you, and to change anything in your life.

"If you have no projections, expectations, separations, judgments, and rejections, you can actually be happy!"

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  • 17 Amazing homeplay PDF’s (one for each call) so you can deepen your learning and change!
  • Questions, tools, discussion & clearings to open up a space for you to begin to choose & create your life beyond what it currently is.

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What People Are Saying:

This call is soooo good , I'm about to explode of awareness lol

Amanda Peredo

Thank you so much for this call Christel.. and to everyone that asked questions. I feel a sense of ease within & an allowance for me that I haven't felt in weeks! Gratitude!

Kara McIvor

OMG Christel, these sessions are GOLD. I change every single week!

Rachel Haviland

These calls have contributed to me so much!!! The last week those distractor implants were present at work and I had to be present with all of them from others and choose me!! The numerous possibilities have showed up and it was so uncomfortable in those moments to stop, poc and pod, and ask is this the change I have been asking for??? Thank you Christel for all your awareness and the vulnerability to share it with us!!! Much gratitude for all of us!!!

Filomena Amatuzio

Thank you so much Christel. These calls have changed my life! I cannot believe the distractions I've let hold me back and I've seen so much shift and change in the last 6 months so thank you to everyone!!

Izzy & Cami