Is the struggle real? Or are we plagiarizing someone else's terrible idea?


"What would change if you gave up survival as a point of view?"

- Gary Douglas

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What if your life included:

  • a dynamic monthly  conversation around thriving and money and creating your life. What if you could clear old patterns and generate new choices?
  • a monthly energetic exercise to gift you a daily practice to give up survival and cultivate thrival?
  • the clarity & creativity required for you to thrive?
  • a stronger commitment with you and for you?
  • being the "guy"? Being the power and creativity that takes charge and stimulates creativity in your financial world?
  • having money instead of struggle?

"Is survival enough for you?"

- Gary Douglas

You don't have to live from other people's lies anymore.


You have choices that no one else has.




Cozy up with change.

Choose things that stretch you.

Don't let yourself fail.

It's easy to start.

Sign up for the year.

Commit to yourself that no matter what it takes, this year you're changing survival forever.

Show up to the monthly live call.

Get vulnerable, ask your questions every month, and show up for the change.

Do the daily energy exercise.

Download it to your phone, slip your headphones on every morning, and set the tone for a creative, dynamic day.


You receive the trifecta:


Are you Ready?

For the year where thrival becomes a reailty? What if

  • You knew that you finally had you and money 
  • You had the support to create something totally different in your life & finances
  • You could finally exhale and relax, knowing you were going to show up for you
  • You didn't have to struggle anymore
  • You had access to Facilitation, Daily Exercises + Clearings to speed things along
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What´s included in your Membership:

A monthly call

What can we create? Send in your questions before the call for the 90 minute live Zoom call every month. Re-listen to the recordings for even more change.

A monthly energetic exercise

Personally recorded by Christel based on that month's main theme, an exercise you can do daily to cultivate the space of thrival. 

A Telegram community.

Don't lose touch with other members-in-change! And have access to the group for support whenever you need it.

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Hi. I'm Christel.

And I started out this game of living and money totally just surviving. I learned survival very early and kept doing it as the only thing I "knew how to do". 

And then one day, I finally heard something different. Gary Douglas said that I could give up survival as a point of view and never give myself that choice again. 

It was revolutionary. I had to sit with it for days to let the change all the way in. But as I did, I discovered a whole different possibility.

And so I chose it. Nothing has been the same since.

Life and money changes by your demand that something different show up. I'd love to spend the next year with you cultivating a very different future.


See you on the inside....

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