Time To Have Your Own Back

Sometimes the person you want to be closest to, is the one who creates the most “challenge” for you.

Mother, mom, mommy, mum… it doesn’t matter what you call her.

If you struggle with

  • - feeling “right” about anything in her presence
  • - anger at her
  • - cutting her off
  • - anger at yourself for being angry at her
  • - feeling obligated and like you can’t get out of it
  • - feeling constantly wrong and not knowing what to do

you may be functioning from all kinds of things energetically that you just can’t “figure out”. It’s just stuff that needs to be cleared.

Some of the things that you may get out of this call are:

  • - a greater sense of ease with her
  • - more peace inside yourself
  • - more clarity on what you can actually choose
  • - a lightness where there was heaviness
  • - a potency that may have been eluding you

You don’t have to spend your life feeling obligated and heavy.

Is it time to choose more of you?

You'll receive: 

— a video recording of the call
— a downloadable audio of the call


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