Is this the year you choose to outcreate your debt?

What are you truly capable of that you haven't yet chosen?

To oucreate anything there are three things you have to be willing to do: 

  1. Do whatever it takes
  2. Be whatever it takes
  3. Ask and receive.

ANYTHING is possible with those three elements.

the three elements of this 60 day class

  1. daily money energy pulls
  2. daily money class (right before the pull)
  3. once weekly Zoom class with practical training on steps you can take

once weekly Zoom classes 

influenced heavily by The Barefoot Investor & Money's Not the Problem You Are

  • the totally easy strategy you can implement NOW to start taking action on paying down your debts
  • the system you can use to automate your 10% accounts, future accounts & paying off your debt
  • zero fee account information and the easy way to get those set up
  • how to start investing without needing to spend the time on day trading
  • a spreadsheet system that you can start using to calculate your monthly 'amount'
  • a spreadsheet calculator to know how much 'extra' to ask for and create considering your 10% accounts and other
  • idea sessions on creating additional revenue streams
  • clearings to get your points of view out of the way!

you'll receive

  • 8 live Zoom classes (one a week)
  • 52 daily money energy pulls (20 mins)
  • a private Facebook group to play in
  • support of everyone in the group, sharing what they're creating
  • the recordings of every class, and every pull (for looping & more change!)

the details

starts Wednesday, January 31
10:30 am Pacific

to have a taste...

Just go here and download your free money class & energy pull right away!


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