Get Sexy & Specific With Your Business

Most of the time, we get stuck on the unspecificity of 'just the energy' of what we want to create.


But what changes in your business when you invite in someone who can facilitate your energy into actionable ideas that you LOVE to create?


I'm SO excited to introduce you to the VIP Group Platform Lab.

but first: 


To show you what’s possible, I am inviting you to the foreplay session. Create a blueprint of your business and what's next!


(And then supersize it!)

the details

  • one BIG group call with Christel
  • during which, 2-3 businesses will be selected
  • I will do an actual strategy session with the selected businesses
  • We will create actionable ideas designed to invite people to pay you!
  • Everyone else will get to see what the process is like, and glean!

even more details

Tuesday, February 13 at 1:00pm

Video recording provided

Get clear.

Draw a blueprint.

Build a strategy.

Create an empire.

Come get a taste and then join us in the Lab


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I'm so excited we get to stay in touch!

I wrote you a love letter with lots of links.  It will be like you subscribed to Netflix but with my face all over it.