The 5 Day Money Challenge

Where do you spend most of your time in regards to money?

  • needing it?
  • never having enough of it?
  • not knowing how to get more?
  • feeling like it's impossible?
  • swamped under with bills and debt?

What would have to change to be able to be

  • grateful for money?
  • able to create more with ease?
  • able to have more money than God?
  • excited to wake up in the morning and look at your bank accounts?
  • easy & grateful for your bills?
  • paying down debt without thinking about it?

Welcome to a life-changing 5 Day Money Challenge, where you will "challenge" yourself to change where you're functioning from with money - using tools* you don't have to figure out!

*tools provided inside!

When you change where you're functioning from with money, money changes.

* 5 days
* 5 emails
* 5 videos
* 5 (or 18) tools that you can start using NOW


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