An inside look at what it really takes to be a world travelling facilitator!

Wanna get in my suitcase & travel the world? 

How about learn all the different tips & tricks I use to travel the world and facilitate classes?? 

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— get an insider look at all the different airports & planes & tricks I use to meet fun/sexy/interesting people

— find out how to navigate AirBnB’s & hotels in 12 different countries!

— what goes into setting up live classes in other countries?

— what’s it like to work with hosts around the world?

— how does the money part work? currencies?

And so much more!!

You can get your own personal backstage pass here!!!!



- Facebook LIVE videos where Christel shares her experience how to create more and how to change if something is not going as planned.

- Weekly challenge to create your own International business.

- Monthly facilitation ZOOM where you get to ask questions.


you will get to join me for Talk To The Entities
Advanced & Facilitator Training in Paris, June 28 - July 7

Maestro training in Langkawi, September 15-19

Certified Facilitator training in Noosa, Australia Dec 6 - 10.

I wonder what other adventures will pop up??

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