Clarity Night with Christel Crawford - Family & Money

What are these 2 words a source of for you?
Are they a source of joy?
A source of torment?
A source of difficulty?
Maybe one for one and something totally different for the other?

What would YOU like to choose no matter what's going on?
No matter who's showing up OR how much money you have?

Do you desire to create and BE something different with
Family & Money?

Friday, December 28 | 1:00pm EST
(Your time in the world here)


We will have 2 powerhouse, jam-packed hours together!!

Bring your questions, Bring up all of your stuff - we will do lots of clearing around "All of the things" that's going to create alot more freedom for you!

You know those places where you have patterns, triggers and things like automatic matrice systems where you feel like you have no choice.....what would it take for those to shift and change? 


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