I am so excited to be offering these classes in South Africa!


It has been a few years since I facilitated a live class in South Africa.

These classes and the tools within them have created so much change and awareness in my life and living.

Will you join me?


This class is not like any other business class you will attend. It’s different. It will empower you to know what you know about business, money, and creation. 

What do you know?


The Foundation class is designed to break the foundation of what you think your reality is, so you can create the reality that works for you!



What if the spirit world was not something to fear, but something to work with and around?


Do you desire to become more aware and present with energies and communications from those on the other side?

Hi! I'm Christel.


I am a Business Coach, Show Host & Author I have always been interested in mental health.

Trying every modality under the sun, I found myself at a crossroads of wanting to end it all.

It wasn’t until I found Access Consciousness®, that I dove headfirst into the deep end.

I have been using the tools of Access Consciousness® now for eight years to transform my life and thousands of others around the world.

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Have you joined the school?


An Introduction to the wild and weird universe of Access Consciousness®!


This free school has tools to create  your life and living YOUR way.


There is also a members-only Telegram group with some content and invitations that can only be found in the group.


Join HERE!  

Access Consciousness® is a weird, wild, wacky body of tools that has totally changed my life. You can change yours, too.


In this show, I pick a topic, and give you stories and tools to begin to discover change for you, too. What have you been asking for that now is the time to find?


Find and binge episodes for The Christel Crawford Show HERE.


What creates true mental health?


Is it what you've been taught? Or something else? Join Access Consciousness® CF's Christel Crawford & Dr. Janine Kreft as they explore what renders us truly functional.


Find all of the episodes for the True Mental Health podcast HERE.