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SEASON 4 - Ep 43

Biz is hard... or is it? 

- July 05, 2021

Business is a distractor implant.
That's right. Its very design is intended to trap you. 😱
And so, if you find yourself trapped and you're not sure how you got there, you're not alone! Most of the world is functioning from being distracted by business rather than being about the business of inventing a different possibility into the world.
What are you doing business from? The absolute fun of it? Or something else?


SEASON 4 - Ep 42

Got doubt? And what you can do about it

- June 28, 2021

What do you do when living slips into the gulf stream and comes too easily, too powerfully and stuff just shows up? What happens for you when you're faced with choices you know other people will judge? What are you with yourself after an event and what you did and what you didn't do dominates your thoughts?

SEASON 4 - Ep 41

Is there someone else in your friend's body?

- June 21, 2021

Difficulties with people come from many places. But sometimes they are actually caused by another being. And there are tools you can use to have more ease.

SEASON 4 - Ep 40

Create cash now. Part 2.

- June 7, 2021

Last week's show was a big hit (so grateful!), and this week, I realized that I have more to share with you. 🤗 We're going to dive into the myths around creating cash that I've functioned from; that I see a lot of other people functioning from - that could be making it more challenging for you to have more money now. 

SEASON 4 - Ep 38

Create cash now. I mean , right now. 

- June 7, 2021

What if the rules that everyone else obeys - didn't apply to you? Come join us as we share everything that's changed for us in the last 3 months!

SEASON 4 - Ep 38

Create living! with Christel & Andres. 

- May 31, 2021

What if the rules that everyone else obeys - didn't apply to you? Come join us as we share everything that's changed for us in the last 3 months!

SEASON 4 - Ep 37

Receiving. The source of real change. 

- May 24, 2021

Do you ever try to get things to go away....? Emotional pain? Physical pain? Disease? Relationship difficulty? Does it work? Does the thing go away when you want it to go away? Or something else? What is the source of true change?

SEASON 4 - Ep 36

My Body told me. 

- May 17, 2021

When your body is a yes, you can trust where you're going. Tips & tools to be in more communion with the body you chose that is willing to be more conscious than you! 


SEASON 4 - Ep 35

Does your world include theirs? 

- May 10, 2021

Today's Christel Crawford Show covered about 8 different entity questions from YOU!   -- what are entities?  -- how can I co-create with them?  -- how do I receive more communion with them?   -- how do I clear entities & demons that want to harm?  and more!!

SEASON 4 - Ep 34

How being deformed is changing everything for me! 

- April 26, 2021

Last week in my Salon Membership program, we read something about being deformed and a light bulb went off in my world, I started using it to change where I would normally go into reaction, and e v e r y t h i n g is shifting.
I'll tell you how I'm using it today so that you can start using it, too. 

SEASON 4 - Ep 33

Unlocking what isn't working! 

- April 19, 2021

When you're stuck in something, when you're in a pattern, when the 'same' way of dealing with something keeps showing up - what do you do? 🤨

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