The Christel Crawford Show

The Christel Crawford Show

Hosted by: Christel Crawford

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The Access tools I use to choose.

Season #3 Episode #52

"Have you realized that your choices are the source of creation? If you haven't realized this, you won't try to make choices that will lead beyond what anybody else could imagine. Instead you'll just try to make...
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The Access tools I use when I am choosing beyond this reality

Season #3 Episode #51

When I first heard 'beyond this reality', I tried to figure it out. In my head. Um, that was hard. And didn't work. So, I just committed myself to using the shit out of the tools on a daily basis. And seven years...
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Beings of Light: who are they and what they changed for me

Season #3 Episode #49

These beings have totally changed my life. Last year, at a 3 day class in Italy, I melted into more of what I know and have always known than I ever knew was possible. And the melt keeps going. What if there were...
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A taste of Receiving!

Season #3 Episode #48

What would it be like to receive everything? The good the bad and the ugly? I answer your questions on that here! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- What’s truly possible? I am an Access Consciousness Certified...
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Volcanodragicorn. Money and You

Season #3 Episode #47

You may be one of the brave ones participating in the latest Facebook Live Class called Volcanodragicorn. You may not. But regardless, you likely have a body. And need money. And my question is: have you accessed your...
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Ghost Stories

Season #3 Episode #46

I clear, communicate with and receive from ghosts EVERY day. And the ghost tools are some of the most effective ones in my private sessions. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- What’s truly possible? I am an Access...
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Season #3 Episode #45

What would you like your reality with you to be? One of self-sabotage and constant self-judgment? Or one filled with the peace of joy and the joy of peace? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- What’s truly possible?...
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I got my money's worth in the first 5 minutes!!

Season #3 Episode #44

We want to speak to YOU today!! And I mean WE! I won't be by myself!! I have two women that you're going to LOVE whose lives are TOTALLY different since Foundation. And I'm not even kidding - that's what one of them...
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Having your back with change

Season #3 Episode #43

In the meeting with my team yesterday, I asked everyone what was up for them. And most of them spoke of the amount of chaos that was in their world. One of them had just taken a big class. Another had just moved. A...
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When you feel wrong what do you do?

Season #3 Episode #42

What do you do when you are creating and you start to feel wrong? Do you stop?  Do you talk yourself out of moving forward?  Take a look at how I get around myself when this happens! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
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The key to everything. Accessing You.

Season #3 Episode #41

Do you avoid the things that will create clarity for you while desperately wanting those things while hating that you're avoiding them while craving the thing you know is there if you'll just freaking choose them...
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What one choice could you make?

Season #3 Episode #40

I had no money. I mean, none. I had just flown back to Vancouver to a new boyfriend, a new home, no job, and fresh off an Access class that had blown my world wide open: all my reference points for ANYTHING were...
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