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The Christel Crawford Show

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Is Your Marketing Working?

Season #2 Episode #51

When I first heard about engagement in order to get more people into your classes, I went after it. What WAS engagement? 🤔 How did you do it? What changed when you actually talked to people every day? What did it all...
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The infectious joy of taking up the challenge of who you truly are...

Season #2 Episode #50

The infectious, annoying joy!  What's your question about that??? 😃  This week (!!!!)  we start one of my best programs to change your whole entire reality around money & finances called Actualize: Finance, and I...
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Are you surviving your finances or are you transforming them?

Season #2 Episode #49

Are you just barely surviving what you've created financially?  Or are you taking up the challenge of who you truly are and creating a vibrant financial future for yourself?  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
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Are you Resisting Money?

Season #2 Episode #47

I've had the most fun with this topic over the last 4 days in this Foundation class! And I wanted to bring that joy to you!! 😂  ARE you resisting money?    Weird, right?!  Why would you resist the thing you keep...
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Moms!! 😵😁 What if your mother never had to change to be a gift to you? 😜

Season #2 Episode #46

Mother's Day is coming, and I t o t a l l y  forgot this year. 😁 It used to be I'd keep it first thing in my head so that I could prove how much I loved her. But this year, I'm the worst daughter on the planet: and...
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Where IS the start beyond the stop?

Season #2 Episode #45

Can I be honest with you? People say the weirdest things. Like this one: "I just keep stopping myself!  Help me figure out what my problem is!" No. No! You do not have a problem.  You are powerful beyond...
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My Fave Tools for creating money for foundation class

Season #2 Episode #44

What is Foundation?  What will it do for you?  How will it change your business?  Why go??! I have a chat with you about using my fave tools for creating money for foundation class and whats stopping you and how you...
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What if you were in the business of Business

Season #2 Episode #43

It's officially business-time over here at Christel Crawford CF.  😂 This next month, we're rolling out a 5-day business challenge, a 7-month business program, a VIP coaching program and a 3 call series with Alba...
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What Are You Making Real That May Not Be

Season #2 Episode #42

Wow.  What a weekend.  I spent the entire weekend in a network marketing conference with about 1500 people. And the entire thing was created to train us, and hopefully, excite us enough to start building!! But what...
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Seasons. Cycles. Trusting you through the changes.

Season #2 Episode #41

What we are really - both you and I - are brave adventurers exploring whatever 'beyond this reality' is. And I don't know about you, but sometimes I have what feels like LONG periods of time where I'm changing...
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HEY! What is actualization and how do I do it?!

Season #2 Episode #40

We are always showing things up.  (Don't ask me about this week and everything I showed up.  And I promise not to talk about it. 😂) Are you actualizing what you say you'd like to have? Or are other things showing...
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How The F Do You Figure Out What You Want So You Can Choose It

Season #2 Episode #39

The spontaneous bathrobe episode. 😁How the F do you figure out what you want so you can choose it?! 🤪 Do you want to get advance notice when I go live? And the chance to contribute questions to the show? How about a...
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