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The Christel Crawford Show

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#44: Tips & Tricks for Making Big Life Changes

Season #4

We're in Panama!!! And I can't wait to show you the gorgeous AirBnB we just moved to! But even more than that, I want to share with you my very personal tips & tricks for making big life changes with ease. I've...
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Biz is hard… or is it? Is your business...a rat-race or an expression of living?

Season #4 Episode #43

Business is a distractor implant. That's right. Its very design is intended to trap you. And so, if you find yourself trapped and you're not sure how you got there, you're not alone! Most of the world is functioning...
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Got doubt? And what you can do about it

Season #4 Episode #42

What do you do when living slips into the gulf stream and comes too easily, too powerfully and stuff just shows up? What happens for you when you're faced with choices you know other people will judge? What are you...
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Is there someone else in your friend´s body?

Season #4 Episode #41

I spent a few days with one of my closest friends this week, and we had an event that opened up the space to clearing a demon that had been with her for years and had been the cause of several of our difficulties over...
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Create Cash now. Part 2

Season #4 Episode #40

Last week's show was a big hit (so grateful!), and this week, I realized that I have more to share with you. 🤗My life has been different. I've chosen things in a way that has 'forced my hand' to either create - or...
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Create cash now. I mean, right now.

Season #4 Episode #39

Ok. I have literally had FIVE different conversations with people this week about needing to create more cash. I got the message!! I will talk about this!! 🤗 If there's something I've always been able to do, it's...
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Creating living! with Christel & Andres

Season #4 Episode #38

Did your parents give you the road map when you were little? "Go to school, get a good job, find your soulmate, get married, have kids, retire, die." Ok, maybe it didn't go quite like that, but for me, it was...
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Receiving. The source of real change.

Season #4 Episode #37

Do you ever try to get things to go away....? Emotional pain? Physical pain? Disease? Relationship difficulty? Does it work? Does the thing go away when you want it to go away? Or something else? What is the source of...
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Does your world include theirs?

Season #4 Episode #35

Today's Christel Crawford Show covered about 8 different entity questions from YOU!   -- what are entities?  -- how can I co-create with them?  -- how do I receive more communion with them?   -- how do I clear...
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How being deformed is changing everything for me!

Season #4 Episode #34

Last week, we read something about being deformed and a light bulb went off in my world, I started using it to change where I would normally go into reaction, and e v e r y t h i n g is shifting. I'll tell you how I'm...
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Unlock what isn't working!

Season #4 Episode #33

When you're stuck in something, when you're in a pattern, when the 'same' way of dealing with something keeps showing up - what do you do? 🤨 You may know that we're doing this intense 30x30 clearing in The Awareness...
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What does it take to be congruent?

Season #4 Episode #32

If you've been adventuring with us in the 30x30, you've already been cultivating the sense of what you'd like your life to be! Yay, you! Now..... what does it take to deepen that congruence so that everything you ask...
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