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Ep 162: ENERGY PULL: How to use what you don't want to create awareness about what you do.

I got a text about my mom 5 days ago, and another one 2 days ago. 😅

Instead of spinning me out, it contributed SO much to showing me what I didn't want as my life which bloomed into an immense clarity of what I DO.

I realized that I AM generating the life I want to be living and all I want is more. I can be the source of that with ease.

No matter who or what is in your life, they (or you) are gifting you an awareness. What we DO with that awareness renders us less or greater.

How are you using what's showing up in. your life? And how could you? We will dive deep into that in the 7-day taste of the Energy Pull Lab, and we start on Monday! 👉 Jump in here: https://www.christeljoycrawford.com/offers/UBFPJ28o


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