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Beyond the Utopian Ideal

Utopia is an idea that promises perfection... and never delivers...

Are You willing to find out

what's BEYOND the Utopian Ideal?

Let's find out shall we?... It's an adventure disguised as a book club...

What We'll be Reading

Beyond the Utopian Ideal

We use conceptual constructs to create a purpose and a sense of rightness. Relationship, sex, sexuality, family, and the future are examples of conceptual constructs. Society is a construct. Culture, religion, and reputation are constructs. These things are not actually real; they are conceptual realities that have been dropped into our existence.

We buy into them, and then at some point, we give up our awareness in order to buy the rightness of this reality. We accept the notion that being normal, average, and real—just like everybody else—is the best and only way to be.

The problem with conceptual constructs is that they put you into conflict with yourself at every turn.

Read the Book with Us

Stephanie Richardson and Christel Crawford will be reading...

but book club becomes a zillion times more fun with you!

Will you be there?

(If you haven't ventured with these two before, check out day one of the most recent book club!)

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What Happens in Book(s) Club?

Weekday Facebook Live Readings
June 4, 2018 - June 22, 2018


Read the book!

Read Beyond the Utopian Ideal in just a few minutes a day. 

And by read... I mean... enjoy a micro party every weekday while changing the world. (Christel and Stephanie read from the book for 15-20 minutes each weekday via Facebook live!) 😀

Plus, we'll send you recordings so you can listen again and again!


Get the Book

Expand your library of tools and clearings.

 Get new clearings and tools daily. Every weekday, you'll get new clearings and tools you can put to use right away!





Weekly face to face and

Facebook community

Never a lonely moment... unless you choose it 😉

Weekdays, we'll be on Facebook live in a private group... and Wednesdays, we'll get together on Zoom for an hour, delving deeper into how you can apply the tools we've read in the book to your own life. 

The Future is Waiting...


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