Money doesn't have to be hard.

But where's the manual?


If you're reading to totally re-create the platform from which you create money (your life), this is your 10 weeks.

Maybe next year.

Click on the pic to get a taste of the first class.

What are you truly committed to?

You? Your life? Being right? Creating everything you desire?

The TEN KEYS to the classes that you want

What would you have to be willing to acknowledge about you to create all the classes you desire to take?

The TEN KEYS to all things that you want

What would you have to willing to be and choose to have the life that till now has been inconceivable?

The TEN KEYS to total financial freedom

What if freedom is the lie that's sticking you?  What choices do you actually have that you're not currently choosing?

Is your body special & asking for more?

I am Special, let me in.

Class begins in....










10 keys - 10 weeks - 10 calls
We start Wednesday, May 16, 2018
12pm PDT (time for wherever you are


Be that infinite being with interesting point of view who lives outside of competition, drug free and has no form, no structure and no significance and has s#!*loads of money!!!


the questions

  1. Would an infinite being choose to have no money?  If no, why would I?
  2. If having money or not having money were both interesting points of view, what would actually be possible to choose?
  3. What am I choosing with money in this 10 seconds, and what would I like to choose now?
  4. What if I were willing to be a question with money?  What question could I be?
  5. If money had no form, no structure, and no significance, what would I be capable of choosing and creating?
  6. How many judgments, discernments & discriminations am I using to create what's showing up now? 
  7. Am I trying to win with money?  Fit?  Not lose? What other choices are available?
  8. Am I using money or no-money as my drug of choice to keep me from being aware of what I'm truly capable of choosing?
  9. What is my favorite money story? And what can I choose now?
  10. What contribution is no money to my life, living and reality?  And what contribution is excluding no-money to my life, living and reality?

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