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A previously recorded 60-minute money facilitation call with Christel; 30 minutes on Clearing & Asking with Money and 30 minutes on How to Become Money.😁


  • Video and audio recording of the call with Christel


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What People Are Saying:

New drive - new excitement- new demand in my world today - yaayyyyy - what else is possible now? How does it get even better than this? 🥳🥳🙌🙌

Eva M.

I'm so glad that today I'm relaxed. I can notice more and more what I'm asking for and I'm relaxed about it showing up. Making space for the awareness of my reality and being more in allowance. 🎉🌎🍀

Oana A.

I just got today on another level….. that by me being me I actually do contribute to other people. Tears of joy 🥲 Thank you for today's call and being willing to change it up Christel and to everyone for receiving. What else is possible? Money flows opened up today and I felt more ease with receiving

Danella D.

Its wonderfulll.... I am already great in being question+HDIGABTT 😀 So, typing it here is far to slow and the change possibilities are already alife, before l start taking the phone🤣🤣🤣.... The MY thanks joining here seems more the inspiration l get here, informations for even more light to see better what truly is, the communion of beings you Christel bring together for a greater world.... Gratefullll

Birgit M.

$21.00 USD