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USD: 30 Days of Living Beyond Distraction

In fact, anything that stops you is a distraction.

You as an infinite being can be stopped how?

You can't.

~ Gary Douglas, Living Beyond Distraction

anger  |  rage  |  fury  |  hate
blame  |  shame  |  regret  |  guilt
obsessive  |  compulsive  | perverted points of view
love  |  sex  |  jealousy  |  peace
life  |  death  |  living  |  reality
fear  |  doubt  |  business  |  relationship

Distractor implants: things that distract you from the choice you really have.

About anything.

You'll receive:

  • an audio recording every day for 30 days

  • a video recording every day for 30 days

  • an in-depth study of the book Living Beyond Distraction

  • am email every day gently reminding you of your class 

  • the change you've been asking for

What People Are Saying:

“The change I get from these tools is, I no longer panic. I know that may sound "small", trust me it is HUGE! I am no longer disabled by anxiety...I can keep creating! So excited for even more!”


“Hey Christel, I wanted to share my excitement and gratitude for you and the access tools you are giving us. Some amazingly fun and expansive things are happening to me and the people around me. This morning I woke up invigorated and excited to the possibilities of today and and grate statement came into my conciousness... "If access conciousness was a man I'd have his babies!" Love who you be x”


“Thank you thank you thank you for being YOU and for being the energy pull and getting me to step up like never before! That call was life changing and I'm so grateful! Weip?”


“It's already worth every penny. So much space so much peace. ”