How to Get Reel Paid for Being Reel'y Yourself

What if you were greater (not better, but greater) than anything you have ever seen? - Gary Douglas

Join me for 1 webinar-style call replay, where we will explore:

  1. Uncovering Secret Limitations
    1. What comes up when you look at ‘getting out there’?
    2. Learn my own personal technique to go past them, fast.
  2. Finding the Internal Permission to Be You (And Get Paid)
    1. What is it to ‘be yourself’ and get paid?
    2. My story & how it could look for you.
  3. Discovering the 1st Pillar of $0-$10 million
    1. What is building an audience?
    2. Why is it so important?
    3. What are the 6 audience needs? 
      1. How can you easily meet those by 'being yourself'?
  4. Embracing the Power of Contributing Short Video Content
    1. What is the top kind of content people are looking for?
    2. Can you find, online, what it is that you want?
    3. How can you be the source of what you're looking for?
  5. Releasing Imposter Syndrome
    1. What is it?
    2. Can you change it?
    3. How can you change it?


  • Video and audio replay of the call with Christel 
  • An invitation into the 8-Week Reel Alchemy program


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