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“Wonder isn't about finding answers; it's about becoming more comfortable with questions.”

― Leigh Ann Henion, author

Some of the books I've used to change everything.

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 Kindle version: Ten Keys to Total Freedom

Blessed PossibilitiesKindle version: Blessed Possibilities

Some of my other loves.

Kindle version: Living Beyond Distraction
How to Become Money Workbook by Gary Douglas
Kindle version: How to Become Money Workbook
Salon des Femmes
Kindle version : Salon des Femmes

Kindle version: Beyond the Utopian Ideal

Projections Expectations Separations Judgments & Rejections
Kindle version: PESJR's
Talk to the Entities 3rd Edition
Kindle version: Talk to the Entities

“Sometimes at night, I wear a tutu, grab my magic wand and fly all over the world and change the Access online calls”

― Dr Dain Heer, Access Consciousness®

These tele-classes have changed my life.

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Creative Edge of Consciousness Club

The Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse

Receive Sep-17 Teleseries

Distractor Implants Feb-12 Teleseries

Projection Expectation Separation Judgment and Rejection Jul-15 Teleseries

Pearls of Possibilities Membership

Need & Tug Jul-14 Teleseries

English: TTTE Intro Bucharest 2019

English: Creating & Receiving with Entities Clearing Loop

Strong Talk Telecall Series

Entreprenuer: a person with balls and an idea, and no map.

-- Christel Crawford

My favorite business building tools of all time.  So far. 

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