Money is Conceptual - Receiving is REAL

How many beliefs are you using to eliminate the money you could be choosing?

What are you refusing to BE?

You have to BE a whole lot more than you think you can actually BE to increase your capacity to receive.

A Catalyst

The amount of money you are willing to have determines the amount of change you can create in the world! 

What did you come here to change & create, Is now the time to BE that?

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Most people are not willing to have a life that is easy.

Are you willing to demand and receive the level of ease that money will create in your life?

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The reality is..... money follows joy.

Are you willing to BE that person who loves what they do and has outrageous amounts of fun?

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You have just enough—but not too much.
If you have just enough you can still have most of what you want...... so you don’t have to totally deprive yourself. 

Is this working for you?

NO....I want MORE!

What if.....
Instead of having just enough, you created something that was beyond this reality?

What if you started exploring YOUR reality with money?

YES....I'll have that!

Are you ready to create yourself into a Monster of Receiving???


The Nitty Gritty Details.....

This Club isn't for just anyone.
We are going to hit the ground running!

1. Read / Listen to the Original How to Become Money workbook FIVE times
- You can Download a FREE Audio, from Christel, here 

2. Have a Copy of the Advanced How to become Money Workbook.
- You can Purchase one here

Each week we will Dive into ONE question from the "Advanced How to become money workbook".

We will meet on Zoom Twice a month to clear our current beliefs and definitions around money and start creating our own reality with money. 


Don't you know I'm CrAzY?!
Muwahahaha (insert evil laugh)

I am asking for a whole lotta change and more possibilities.   

I am DEMANDING to change MY reality with money. 

I'm committing to changing my finances 1000% and I get that this is one of the things that its gonna take.

The logical answer?
Did you know there's 71 questions in the Advanced How to become Money workbook??

We are going to get Present with each and every one off them.

One question a week = 71 weeks

You have CHOICES

1. Pay in FULL $1200 for the whole Shabang!

 - Global pricing applies to this option.

2. Subscription is $75 USD / Month for the duration of the program.

- Global pricing does not apply for subscriptions.



  • Weekly 15min Group Zoom's with Christel (Thats 71 ZOOMS in total?!)
  • Audio and Video recordings for exponential change.
  • Monster's only closed Facebook group to interact, clear, change, choose and out create each other.
  • Diving into and discovering YOUR reality with Money & Finances.
  • More EASE with money and More MONEY.


The Advanced How to Become Money Club

71 Life changing Questions | 71 Life Changing Weeks









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