Hey hey hey!

We know that when things have to change a demand pops in to our Universe. It's not logical, it's not a thought it just comes. Like a Tsunami of intensity and we just friggin change the thing. 

Have you found those moments few and far between? 

What would making a demand of you, in the very moment you choose to change something, actually look like? And what would it create? Continuously?

Join me for this one hour call on How to actually make a demand of yourself. Maybe this is a tool that has been a bit of a mystery to you.

If something hasn't changed, the thing you think is causing it, isn't causing it. 

So, what would we have to look at in order to create the change you're asking for? 

Who knows what will show up after you make a demand of you?!

Can't wait to see you!


$50 USD

  • One pre-recorded Zoom with Christel
  • Audio recordings
  • Video replay