How to Know if a Relationship Isn't Working For You

relationship freedom Feb 15, 2017

The possibility of relationship is well, possible.  However, a lot of us have gotten into a lot of "sticky" with our current relationships, and that's what I'd like to speak to. 

This post is not about criticizing the person you're with.  This is about knowing you.

See, for YEARS, I had no idea what worked for me.  In fact, I would say I'm in the ongoing, active discovery of it still.  

Prior to my Access Consciousness years, I was in two marriages back to back to eachtother, and in both relationships, the other person was wrong for different reasons.  I felt like a sh*t for being upset all the time, but my reality was that I was upset all the time!

But let's look at upset objectively for a second.  Put on your scientist glasses and let's discect it for a minute.

Upset is always a creation and it can be composed of multiple things.  

It can be: 

  • projections and expectations
  • decisions, judgments, computations, and conclusions
  • ...
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