Is being nice killing all the good stuff? (read, you?!)

nice Apr 02, 2018


My life changes all the time.

I change clothes, underwear, points of view... and people.

I happen to have been with the same man for almost a year and a half now!  But even in the man department, there was awhile where two weeks was a long time.

We're in the process of changing some very key every-day relationships.

The thing that was working has stopped working, and we're in the breaking up phase: not exactly able to move on from our physically proxitive situation, and not incredibly interested (read, not at all) in relating to one another.

I can't tell you exactly what changed it.  Just more that, after a thing, it did.  Change.

And for me, it's been a few months of getting a whole TON more clarity on what is.

What is for me.  What is in regards to them. 

Seeing the is-ness instead of seeing the projection that someone else wants you to see or that I'd rather see.

So, you know - good, bad and ugly.

And this morning, after a 10-second interchange...

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