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gratitude Oct 07, 2018

I never really got it when Gary, Dain or anyone else would talk about receiving the gift of me.

Well, tomorrow is the Canadian Thanksgiving.

And being down in the States now, I almost forgot.  

But I got to chatting with my friend Maxine and the aromas of apple and turkey coming from her kitchen in Ontario stirred me, and it got me started musing about gratitude.

Gratitude has always and only ever been a concept to me until very recently.

I've done it and made the lists.

I've felt guilty for not being grateful.

I've sat around Thanksgiving dinner tables and said what I was grateful for.

But in truth, it always seemed like this key to a kingdom that I was just not destined to find, and sarcasm and cynicism became my basic favorite go-to's.

And then this year, I got to hang out with Stephanie.

That girl is grateful for sunrises, sunsets, doggies, and coffee.  But she's also grateful for lying! And discovering limitations! And small, ridiculous choices!

And as we spent...

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