S3 E18 Having money, baby! And the stories we tell ourselves to not have it.



For a lot of years, I bought that I had to be nice to people.
It was weird, because on the one hand, I wanted to be that!
But the nicer I was, the more people rolled over me and the more pathetic I became.
I was pissed, mostly. And beyond that, potent,
But I had no access to it.
And to change money in my world, I had to get over being nice and be willing to BE the courage of interesting point of view that I truly am.
What possible future are you rejecting with the stories you buy about you?
And the way you've decided you have to be with other people, and the stories you've told yourself about that -
is it creating the financial future you'd like to have?
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What’s truly possible?
I am an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator.
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S3 E17 AVOIDANCE: Where are you doing it? What does it mean about you? And what can you choose to change it?

I think I might be mean.
250 people just said yes last week to going through a 5 Day Relentless Profit Challenge, and it was.............. relentless. Lol
Most people dropped out around Day 2. Oops. And it got me looking at the things we avoid looking at.
Cash flow. Income. Our relationships. Our business.
I know I've done a TON of avoidance in my life, thinking it would make things... easier? Go away?
It doesn't.
And although getting present isn't hard work, it does take courage.
Where are you avoiding? What does it mean about you when you're choosing it? And what can you do or be to change it?

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