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access basics Feb 15, 2020
One of my favorite things about Access is that they invite you to begin to choose. 
This sounds basic.
But it's the hardest most simple thing you'll ever encounter.
I remember being in big Access classes with Gary Douglas, on the receiving end of his favorite response to all things asked of him.
"Choose," he would say.
And you'd watch as the person (or you) in front of the microphone squirmed with the 'but how?!'
And it's true.  "How do I choose.." is the most common question we get as facilitators.
That used to stump me, because even I was looking for the 'how'.
But then I started to get it.
And now I'll quip, "Well, how do you stand up?"
"I'm trying to choose," is another great one.
To which now I'll cheerily respond, "Can you show me how you 'try' to stand up?"
It makes everyone grin, because when you put anything in those terms, it becomes very obvious that you...
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