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business Jan 16, 2018

I am always looking at different online programs to add to what I'm creating online.  To educate myself.  Etc.

And today, I had this Facebook Messenger interview with a lady who runs a program, who says they can help me double my profits and half the effort.


I look at a lot of these programs. I've even purchased some of them!

And so at this point, they have to have a different kind of energy to them for me to choose them, and this one did.

Everything was going spaciously until she started to ask me questions.

HER: So the first question I have for you is pretty straightforward. What's going on in your business that made it important for you to take the time to chat with me today? What’s so broken and in need of fixing that it couldn’t wait?

Egads.  I could see the agenda from a million miles away.

Really??  We were doing this? 

I just couldn’t.

ME: Ahhh. Well, in truth - it’s not broken. I love my business. AND, I’m ready to be bigger. 


And then my eyes bugged out.

Cuz I think somewhere deep down I thought she would come with me on my possibility ride.  

“It's funner over here!  Come look!  See!  You don't need a problem to solve to be greater!  It's so cool!”


HER: Well, if nothing’s broken then there's probably not much for us to talk about, as you don’t need to make any changes, so there’s nothing we'd be able to help you with.

My fingers poised over the keyboard and then pulled back.

The number of conclusions in one sentence seemed beyond the realms of anything.

And, guys, here’s the thing: 

I KNOW that you can create more and things don't need to be broken for them to change.  You can just change them because you want something greater.

I know it in my bones.

I know it so much that anyone else can have a point of view about that and it doesn't matter because it's just crazy talk.  I know what I know.

So, I wondered what this would create.

ME: Hmmm. Well, I’m always happy to change, even with nothing broken.  But I’m kinda weird.


HER: Okay, but if everything's great then any changes we make would, by definition, make things worse.



I truly, truly, truly had to stop myself from typing, "Whaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?????"

And that's when I saw it.  The age-old point of view:

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

And it started to hit me that we were playing this business game from two totally different galaxies.

I got that I knew something was possible that she couldn't see it all.

We were very likely not a fit, but I'm a little bit evil. I continued. 

ME: Oh! {feign innocence} I have a hugely different point of view about that! I change things to be greater all the time.  {insert manipulation}  Isn't that what you do?


Which is when she changed tracks and changed the way she was asking me things to allow the conversation to continue.

See, if at any point, I had bought into her agenda or her point of view that something had to be broken for her to be able to help me, I would have been giving me up.

And so instead of doing that, I played with her world to see what it would create.

Because here's the thing, y’all:

If you choose to have a conversation with me - if you choose to be in a relationship with me - if you CHOOSE to have contact with me, you are doing so at your own risk.

Your limitations are at risk.  Your paradigms are at risk.  Every single fixed point of view that you take about ANYTHING?  At risk.

You're in my world now.

And after we 'hung up' and I was really looking at it, that's when I REALLY got the gift of the conversation that if we never work together will stay with me:

My business reality IS different.

I have created everything I shouldn't be able to create in a way that no one else can create, and I empower other people to do the same.

There IS no one way.  No right way.  No best way. 

There is only YOUR way.  YOUR knowing.  YOUR willingness to be educated.  YOUR capacity to use everything to your advantage.

YOU.  You are the source.  The way.  The directions.  The map.  And the vehicle to get there.

And if you're willing to know what you know, and use questions and choice like fiends, you will tap into the possibilities and the contribution the universe can be for you in way that you'll never be able to teach anyone else.

I am in the everyday mix of creating a business that will be around in 500 years, a business that creates possibility and empowers people to know what they know.

I don't create it any way that is logical, and that's why it works.

And I'm here to empower you to do what you wanna do in the way that things work for you.

Listen, people: Success is just for you, just for fun. 

But for fuck’s sake, let's turn it up.

This world needs all of us who have our totally weird, totally different and totally possibility points of view.  The world needs our difference.

Let’s fucking create.  <3 




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