Why Donald Trump in Office is like a Zombie Apocalypse & What to Do About It

I saw clip on Facebook yesterday of a guy getting pulled out of his car and beaten on by like 6 teenage kids because he voted for Trump.

Now, I don’t know how they found out he voted for Trump. It all seemed a little random. But I watched as a few beat on him and he tried to get away, and then more jumped in while the others were filming.

It was like the beating beget more beating and fueled more beating.

It was weird for me to watch because that’s so far from my world. And also weird because I’m not necessarily against beating.

Let’s be honest: sometimes it’s required. We all know people that need a good beating.

But it was the energy that they were being.

And I just knew what I would have done if I was there.

That shit would have stopped.

I would have pulled out my energetic shotgun, grabbed whichever people around me I knew would help me stop it, and run into the fray. Not because the guy that voted for Trump was right and the people beating on him were wrong, but because NOT ON MY WATCH, motherfucker.

Which is why I was laying in bed this morning thinking that the frenzy that’s been occurring for people around Trump being elected is a lot like a zombie apocalypse.

So many of us are running around crazed with the shit running through our blood - with the reaction of it all - biting each other, and then reacting to that becoming zombies ourselves, and pretty soon you have a whole empty city with an underbelly of somnambulant zombies.

Which is when I knew that I’d be one of the few not-bitten with a shotgun.

And today, since I don’t have a gun-totin’ license, I’m wielding the proverbial pen.

The shit - the reaction stops with me.

Ok, I know the vast majority of us aren’t pulling people out of cars and beating them — in fact, I’d say most of us are doing something more similar to what I’m doing… scrolling through our Facebook feeds, reading the news, trolling random YouTube videos.

But people, we’ve gotta get our energetic shit together.

Donald Trump is in office.

We’ve got him in that seat until he keels over, gets shot/impeached, or his four years runs out.

He’s gonna change stuff.

And we can either put ourselves at the effect of him… succumb to “Donald Trump’s America”, or we can change how we’re responding to it all and be the difference we want to see in the world.

A “Donald Trump America” only becomes true if we buy into it and create it. He’s one guy. We’re 360,000,000. And that’s just America.

If we go around cutting down other races, beating on people, putting our “thumbs down” to the gladiators in the ring because everyone else is, we are part of creating it.

He can change LGBT rights, and what does that mean really? Anything about what we can choose?

Does that mean now that because you're gay and Donald said you can’t get married that I hate you and can’t talk to you?

It’s actually just fucking weird.

And so the change, people, starts with us.

With me. With you. Right now.

Which brings me to the what-now, and your survival guide, which is actually a thrival guide for the Trump’s of your life.

The truth is that, if you find yourself really reacting to him or anyone that voted for him, Donald Trump just represents stuff that you’ve already got charge around.  And if you're willing to change the charge that IS there for you, you start to change the sea of energy around this topic for the entire world.

I don’t know what the charge is for you.

Maybe he represents your abusive, ignorant father.
Maybe he’s the not-give-a-shit that your mom always was.
Maybe in some lifetime you were a narcisstic egomaniac who killed millions of people.

Now, I know that last one might sound extreme and ridiculous. But even if the facts of that sentence aren’t true, if they match some set of energies for you, the facts don’t matter.

Here’s my first piece of information for you: If you have charge around somebody or something, in some lifetime, you’ve been there and done that.

And if that last sentence pisses you off — see?!

The thing is, there is no charge around something unless somewhere in the history of our existence we’ve judged it about ourselves. 

So here's my favorite tool for beginning to change that: poc and pod everywhere you’ve been that and done it. (And for more on poc and pod, go to www.theclearingstatement.com.)

In fact, as a start, take the pic of him at the top of this blog, and just stare at it and poc and pod everything that comes up as you look at it.

Here's how that works:  as you're looking at his picture, as you're checking out a YouTube video, just say:  Everything this is, I destroy and uncreate it all... right wrong good back poc pod all nine boys shorts and beyonds. (or poc and pod for short.)

The truth is, we're totally impotent if we're resisting and reacting. 

ALL of our power, ALL of our potency is in the willingness to just BE with all the information so that we can use it to create a totally different world.

I'll leave you with a quote from Martin Luther King, who was a totally different possibility in a country that was determined to extinguish a whole people: 

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate can't drive out hate; only love can do that."

So, start here.  

And I'll keep pinging more tools into your world, as we move through this and outcreate it together.

xo, ~C



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