What would you like to change?

Uncategorized May 23, 2018
The thing about starting to create your life is that no one can validate it for you. 😃
Does creating *your* life ever feel like staring at a blank white wall that you've just been told that you can do *anything* with?
I have some very strange friends who think that is fun 😁
But for a LONG time, I DREADED that blank wall.
I filled my time w/ jobs that I could both resist and follow, relationships that were at least predictable and safe, uniforms that gave me the one colour I knew was okay to wear....
SO many things that would give me the permission to not-choose.
The thing is that the longer I go - the more I travel - the more 'blank' the wall gets and the more I'm getting that all it takes to 'fill' it is to choose in that moment.
And then it clears itself and the next moment, I get to choose again.
And as we go, all of those choices create the future... and my life.
I had a really candid conversation with Anna Sadhana Pilotti about all of that.
You may love it 😍

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