What Standing Rock is showing me about everything

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2016

I hardly know where to start with this post.

Except that it has to be written.

There have many hours in the last three days, sitting and scrolling through Facebook - getting stuck on this person's and that person's live feed, watching the show-down that is Standing Rock right now.

It's not even the only thing that's occuring in the world right now, and yet it seems to be the thing I can't ignore.

My friend Melanie Clampit is on the ground there, right now.

When she told me of her choice to go, my whole world got tense.

We call that a "wedge" in Access Consciousness lingo.  Someone chooses something or challenges you with something you never even considered choosing before, and all of a sudden your world is wedged.

Mine has been wedged since that day.  (thank you, Melanie!)

So, here's what I'm getting from all of this, that maybe will contribute to you.

1.  I can't NOT do anything any more.  

There was something about Mr. Trump getting elected as president that brought out this carnal energetic roar in my universe.

And every day, in every 10 seconds, in the creation of everything, I get to look at it more.

Am I being all that I want to be in this video?

With the creation of this class?

What else can I choose or be here that would create a totally different possibilty?

What choices can I make today that would begin to actualize the future I'd like to have?

2.  I cannot NOT acknowledge everything I am doing and being.

Dain Heer is the co-creator of Access Consciousness and did a live video today.  And one of the things I loved about it is that he acknowledged the energetic contribution we can be and are for eachother.

I often forget that I am that.

And so, because I'm not on the ground there or on any other ground besides the soft fabric of the chairs in my bedroom -- I've been asking myself: 

What magic am I being here that I haven't acknowledged?

What contribution can I continue to be?

Sweet earth, what can I contribute to you today?

If you've never watched any Access Consciousness stuff, make sure you go to this website for more information on some of the stuff he's saying.  

3.  I can't keep creating things that are just 'meh' in my world.

I got an email today from Kimra Luna who I just love watching.  She has a Facebook group called FreedomHackers that is vibrant and fun and interactive.  She just launched her latest business course today and the interest in it crashed the servers.

I saw that and for a second, felt jealous.

For another second, I started to ask what it would take for my business programs to start taking off like that?  

And then I paused as I looked at whether or not that was really what I wanted to create in the world.

The energy of it - YES.   The buzz about a whole slew of different possibilities - YES.  That exact thing - to learn how to do exactly what she's done - actually, no.

And my body relaxed.

Here's what I'm getting, and the moral of this rambling story:  

That each of us came here to unlock a piece of what's possible with life and business and everything.

We are each a lock.  And each of us a key.  

Me not following what I know and the energies that won't release me is as unkind to the world as you not following yours.

Those water protectors at Standing Rock are following what they know.  

They are not backing down and not giving up.

And this is the energy of "how" anything different gets created.   A life - a business - or otherwise.

This could be a time in history when what you'd like to create in the world seems too small in the face of everything else that's going on.

But now is the time for you to turn up your difference.   Put what you know out into the world.

I'm so incredibly grateful for the people in this world who are brave enough to make their different loud.

xo, ~C

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