What everybody ought to know about being you

I spent so much of my life trying to be cool enough, or hot enough, or put together enough to get what I wanted, or what I thought I wanted in relationships.

It turns out I only needed to be more of.... all of.... me.

But I really had no idea how to do that before Access Consciousness.

I remember sitting at the desk I was working at, saying out loud: There HAS to be a way to be happy without having to see a professional 3 times a week.

Three times a week.

That's how many appointments I needed with someone to just stay even keel.

To not want to cry myself to sleep.

Or fight with my husband.

Or want to kill everyone in sight from the stress of it all.

I was on suppliments, meditation, journaling, nutrition, working out, and it was helping some, but just some.

Until Access.  And the tools.  And me using them like a fiend to get my life to finally work for me.

So, here's what I think everyone should know about being you: 

  1. It's not hard.  It just feels hard sometimes.
  2. There are tools to help you do it.  You're not alone, and there is stuff that works permanently.
  3. Even when you don't feel like it, you - who you are - is the key to unlocking what can be your magical life.
  4. As annoying as that last sentence can be, it's true.  You can have that life you keep trying to have.

Add something, sweet one.  Ask: what can I add to my life to-day?

Add a person.  A coach.  A class.  A set of tools.

Do something different.

I don't know what it will be for you.

For me, the class that changed everything was Dain's Energetic Synthesis of Being.

For Dylan, it was Being You.

This video made me weep in gratitude.  I hope it contributes to you, too <3 

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