S02 E31 - What are you ignoring that may be the change you want?

I KNOW I haven't been in touch with you like I usually am.  (If, for me, there is EVER a 'usually' 😂)

But man!! I have been putting crazy amounts of time and energy into a totally different platform for my business and my life.

  • debt consolidation loans
  • refinancing my car loan
  • moving over all of my automatic payments to new accounts
  • creating new financial systems (read Profit First!)
  • building a new team for my business
  • new branding
  • new strategies for reaching even more people! 
  • working on my first book
  • deeply nurturing my sense of and clarity around success for me
  • strengthening being, knowing, perceiving and receiving

I'm sure there's more.

Some of this stuff I've literally been ignoring for over... twenty years?! And it's creating this deep sense of peace & knowing & ME-ness that I haven't ever had before 😍

It seems that every single person I facilitate, who has basically the same question over and over, is avoiding the one thing that would change it for them. 



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