The top 3 tools you can use when you don’t feel like using any tools

Uncategorized Oct 24, 2016

There are days when I’m all over being happy. Choosing it. Using the tools that bring more of that energy into my life.

And then there are days like today.
Grey outside.
Grey-blue inside.

Sure… did something change today? Yea.

I sat down and talked to my roommate about it and realized that I really was trying to make it more significant than it really was.

Something was what it was. And now it is what it is. And the future is brighter and lighter, and possibilities are greater.

And then as I was getting ready, listening to music, my body started to cry.

I thought about how it got better. I wondered briefly who it belonged to. And then I realized I just needed to dive right into it and let it, and me, be.

Here’s my top three tools for when you don’t want any stinkin’ tools. And the theme being: sweet beautiful you, don’t judge yourself.

Here’s how.

Tool #1: As you realize that you would rather wear a huge sweater, a ball cap and headphones everywhere rather than do anything to your hair, ask: How kind can I be to me today? What could I choose that would nurture me?

Sometimes you need to make sure that the basics are taken care of, the house isn’t gonna burn down and the cat won’t starve, and then spend the entire day trolling through your favourite pen and notebook store, sitting by the water drinking a hot chai, and listening to that Starbuck’s coffee shop mix on Google Play.

You get to be right where you are. For as long as you choose to be there.

Tool #2: As you begin to re-hash everything that’s gone on that morning or the night before, pause for a second and wonder: Who do these thoughts belong to? Me? Or someone else?

As real as all of this can feel in your body, when things occur, we actually tap into universes of energetics around those things. When you walk into a gym, you tap into everyone who’s every judged themselves for the way their body looks, or how long it’s been since they last worked out. Even though you get to indulge them lady-bird, they truly aren’t yours. Just acknowledging this will begin to create a little space for you.

Tool #3: As you start to get frustrated that you can’t seem to get out of the funk that you may be choosing but feels like it’s descending like autumn fog, pause and ask: How much allowance can I be for me not using any tools at all today?

Allowance is this crazy thing where everything - including your desire to dive into a pint of Double Chocolate Fudge Mint Explosion paired with a giant glass of red wine - is just an interesting point of view. It’s not right. And it’s definitely not wrong. It’s just a choice. And the more you’re able to be in allowance, for you, right where you are, the more it has the possibility of getting really boring, and you changing it.

How much allowance can you be for you today?

The thing is, and one of my favourite things about consciousness, is that we have a new choice in every 10 seconds. It may be that the next hour is blanket fort and whiskey day. It may be that the whiskey takes over and it’s blanket fort, whiskey and daytime nap day.

But this too shall pass. It always does. You will wake up. And you’ll have another choice again.

For now, I write this to you from a tall bench near a window at a warm Starbucks. I’m drinking that hot chai, listening to the Starbucks coffee shop playlist on Google Play, and working out how I’m going to buy the biggest warmest sweatshirt around so that the next time I choose to be blue, I don’t have to wear this fancy jacket and I can not give a flip about looking cute.

😃 We always have choice.

What kindness can you be for you today? ❤️

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