Drama. Doubt. Or SOURCE.


Doubt & drama are two choices that most people on the planet will tell you are NOT choices.

What I learned about doubt is that it's healthy to have it.  That IF you have it, it's a sign. That you should pay attention to it: that you're aware of something.  But that information didn't make me lighter, it definitely didn't make things easier, and nothing really worked.

What I learned about drama is to do it. It's a natural part of life. We all have feelings and to be mentally healthy we need to feel them and interact in the world as if they're real.

What I've learned via Access Consciousness is that both of those things are choices. And even though it's taking me 'awhile' to work that information into my world, that has actually made things easier! 

Some different questions & information

In the Access Consciousness Foundation, you learn that  99.99999% of all your thoughts, feelings and emotions are not yours. You pick them up from other people.

Don't take my word for it. Just ask: Is it a possibility that you're more psychic than you've ever been told?

And, silly question: are you living as if none of the trauma and drama you are aware of is yours? Or are you picking it all up, trying to handle it as if it's yours?

Are you reacting and fighting things and descending into the depths? Or something else?

What are you being the source of?

After a day of drama, it became clear to my partner and me that we were heading down a road that would only create more struggle, ad infinitum.

As I looked at that, I realized that if I continued to get involved in all the energies I was aware of as if they were mine, we were fated to that future, and it wouldn't be fate -- it would be me choosing to be lazy with what I KNEW: that none of this was mine, and we had NO problems.

It became clear to me that I had a choice: I could be the source of more drama and upset or I could be the source of what I want to be the source of. A future of ease, joy and glory.

Let me be clear: you are not the source of other people's choices. You cannot make other people choose. You are not God. They will choose what they choose because they choose it. 

However, you are the source of what can contribute to greater or lesser choices. For you and for everyone.

And in my case, and at that moment, I realized that I set the tone.

Do you set the tone?

The thing about when you've been exposed to the tools of consciousness and you have started to get some freedom from 'who does this belong to'? realizing that almost nothing (or nothing) is yours, and you still choose drama and upset or doubt -- there is a different level of response-ability. 

We all have choice. But once you know something else is true - that you have the choice to no longer be at the effect of anyone or anything, then something else is ALWAYS possible. 

This is where I was sitting. I knew I didn't have to be choosing all this drama. I actually did 'know better'. I wasn't living what I knew, at that moment, but I could. I could actually choose to BE something else. I had that power. 

And that's what I wanted to ask you:

  1. Do you know that you set the tone? 
  2. What is the tone you are setting?
  3. How is that going?
  4. Is it the tone you want to be setting? Is it working and creating the world you'd like to have? Internally and externally?

For me, recognizing that I am the source of the future I am creating, that I set the tone, that I had the power -  set me free in a way it hadn't before. I sat there that night after an epic day of drama, and realized that I am the leader.

The truth is that if you're reading this and you use the tools of consciousness, you're the one who's willing to BE more conscious. And as that person, you have the greater ability and response-ability. 

And we will either resist that or choose it.

Then, there's what you're aware of.

There's what you 'think' is going on (which is always a projection and an expectation) and then there's 'what is'.

And I KNOW that being with what is, receiving it just as it it, takes practice.  But look at it with me: when you're doing doubt or drama, ARE you looking at what is?  Or are you inventing a problem around something you're aware of? 

What if all problems are inventions?

The antidote to all of it is awareness.

Is there anything that you are not acknowledging about WHAT IS? 

  • Are you acknowledging what is really true for people around you? Yes or no?
  • Are you acknowledging what is really true about you? Yes or no?
  • Are you acknowledging what you really want to create? Yes or no?
  • Are you acknowledging whether or not that is occurring? Yes or no?

RUN THIS CLEARING: What choices do I have access to that I am not choosing that I could choose that if I would choose them would create total clarity and ease? Everything that doesn't allow that tO show up, I destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, poc, pod, shorts, boys and beyonds.

(To 'run' a clearing, you can speak it into an app on your phone like the one called 'Voice Loop' and let it play and play on a low volume to clear out unconsciousness around a topic.)

Do you want to be right or free?

And then there's dealing with the power you are. Because in any given moment, we will all either choose rightness or freedom. 

When you function from things SHOULD be this way, you're doing 'rightness'. The bitch about needing to be right about something is that there IS no right. And when you have to be it, you eliminate everybody, every possibility and true freedom and create doubt and drama. Ooof. 

When you function from 'what is' and true interesting point of view, you have all the power. 

TRY THIS: For every energy in your world, be with it and go: interesting point of view I have this point of view. Bring the energy up again, and say to it: interesting point of view I have this point of view. Bring it up for a third time, and go: interesting point of view I have this point of view.  See what shifts for you. ADVANCED CHALLENGE: Try it for 3 whole days as an experiment, for every thought feeling and emotion.

You are a gift.

The truth is, you greatly affect the world around you. How do you want to affect the world around you? If you were willing to be free instead of right, would you have more access to the gift that you are? 

You are the source of something incredible. What does it take to be willing to be it?


  • What am I the source of that I'm not choosing?
  • What am I the source of that I am refusing?
  • What am I the source of that I'm not yet willing to be?
  • What could I be willing to be?

You can be the source of anything. Whatever you are choosing, ask yourself: how is this working?

What choice could you make that would give you access to more of you?

What comes after making the choice to be the source?

What follows after that is the diligence to be with yourself in a different way. "Whatever it takes, this is changing now."

You have to catch yourself in the moments where before you would have gone into a contracted collapsed zone. You can't fix a collapse, you can only choose something else.

Step one: realize there is more space you can be.

TRY THIS: Close your eyes, expand outside your body and try to find the outside edges of you.

You may discover that there aren't any. That no matter how far out you expand, you won't be able to find them. And that, my friend is how big your zone is.

When you have a lot of shit going on and you're in doubt and drama, you're functioning from a collapsed zone and your choices from there may not be your greatest ones.

Learning to function from an expanded zone, from more space - teaching yourself that and practicing it - can lead to more space for you to be and choose from. And what will it create for the people around you? What can show up?

In the How to become Money Workbook it is explained in a different way. You can't create a flow of money from worry and need and lack. You can only create from knowing that "I am power, I am awareness, I am creativity, I am control, I am money". That is when money can show up. It's the same conversation.

Step two: practice it in the sticky moments

And this is where the rubber meets the dang road.

Consciousness doesn't just happen to you, especially when you're so skilled at unconsciousness.  We have to teach ourself being. Knowing. Perceiving. Receiving. 

And the other thing is that this sticky stuff is showing up because of something you asked for!  What HAVE you been asking for?  Is this the stuff that needs to change in order for you to have it? 

For example, let's say you are asking for a Shangri-la reality. Is it possible that the foundation of your present reality will have to change for that one to show up? 

In my case, I have asked for total awareness and total receiving. And as I was dealing with all of this doubt and drama, I realized that these were the things I was doing that was keeping out everything I am asking for

What is showing up for you is everything that needs to be outcreated, chosen beyond, learned in a new way, in order to have what it is that you are asking for. 


This whole 'setting the tone and being the source' conversation is huge.

A few final notes.

Get that you set the tone.
Look at the tone you are setting.
Look at what you could choose that sets a different tone, if that is what you would like to have. 

TRY THIS: Look at all the different parts of your life. Which parts are the loudest? Look at what you are being the source of there. Is is working for you? Do you want to be the source of something else? Are you willing? What could that be? 

Are you capable of being the source of something else?  And what would it take to be willing to choose to be it? 


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