People can be dicks.

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2018
 Let's just say it. 😁
And in Access, we talk a lot about being 'interesting point of view'.
Having allowance.
Being willing to be everything required to have what we desire.
We speak about when you resist and react to someone you are sticking in place a point of view just as dynamically as when you align and agree, and all of that takes you out of any kind of choice.
And yea yea yea, all of that is well and good -- UNTIL YOU'RE IN IT.
With the person.
Face to face with how they be in the world and how they treat people that you have POINTS OF VIEW about.
On top of that, a lot of us have come from abuse in our childhoods and have gotten to the point where THIS THING is no longer acceptable on our watch. And FUCK YOU if you're doing it.
I won't put up with it.
I won't tolerate it.
I will LEAVE YOU if you do it.
And wow. I get it.
And I used to think that 'this' was the 'there' I was looking to get to. This place where I could tell mean, abusive people, to fuck off and go die.
Now that I'm here at the 'there', I think it may be a middle step.
Good to know that there are things that are ok and things that are not, and also good to know that there are infinite possibilities out there that I just haven't considered.
There might just be possibilities beyond this fuck-you-you're-an-asshole reality.

Here's how this is unpacking for me:

Just because someone is being something doesn't mean......anything in particular.
It just means they're being that.
Projecting their reality so strong it seems like theirs IS yours.
All of that, all of those, are just choices they're making.
And so, for me - as part of everything - oneness - consciousness and all that - their choices just become another creative possibility for me, if I'm willing.

I can choose to:

1. Resist and react (which is one of my favorites)
3. Align and agree (you're right, there IS something wrong with me)
2. Ask myself: ok cool. What do I desire to create here and what can I be to create it?

Now, this may be an impossible post for a lot of us.
It's taken me 4.5 years to be able to even write it like this.
But I'm just curious what would happen to our world, and most especially YOUR world, if you added some more question to it.

More questions:

1. How can you use the way that person functions to create what you'd like to have here?
2. How can you use what comes up for you around this person to create more ease and allowance and space in your world?
3. What choices do you have available to you that no one else has?
4. What have you been asking for and is this it, showing up in a totally different way?

Again with the acknowledgment that this is not an easy set of choices or questions.
It's much 'easier' to just fly into a fuck-you or something.
But I'm just wondering if something different is becoming available to us.
And how many of us are truly and actually willing to choose it.
I guess we'll see 😊
Here's to creating a reality beyond this reality with total ease ❤️

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