It's just another Interesting Point of View!

My mom called again today. 😁

You can always feel in her world the secret agenda she has with everything.

For the 18000th time she asked for money while trying to appear that she wasn’t asking for money.

It was weird. It’s always been weird.

And for most of my life I’ve been pretty twisted up about it. I care about her. I’ve made me really wrong.

But I’m not mad about it anymore. In fact, I’m pretty amused and grateful most of the time.

And last night, after a quick conversion with someone who reminded me that she had other choices that she just didn’t want to make, I got so much lighter and called her back with the space of TOTAL interesting point of view. 🎉🎈

This crazy tool is to be used for everything.

Every feeling.
Point of view.

You say **and be it** three times or until the charge on whatever the thing is, dissipates.

For as many times as you need to in an hour. A day. A week. A month. Your life.

But after awhile, you start to become it.

Triggers just go away. And you become easy with anything and everything, no matter who it is or what’s going on.

It takes time and using the shit out of the tool.

But coming from a girl who used to get thrown into three month depressions over choices her mom made, I can tell you that the inner work pays off.

I can laugh and play with the things she’s choosing without any guilt or shame or anything, and just be grateful for the gift and contribution she’s been to my IPOV muscle.

True peace isn’t everyone getting along.

It’s the interesting point of view space you have available to choose no matter *what’s* going on. 🥰

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