Is it men we need to fight against?

feminism Sep 30, 2018
Today, supposedly, we who are card-carrying vagina-havers are supposed to black out our profile pictures to show men what the world would be like without women.
The Cavenaugh thing has exploded and once again, women "taking their power" seems to be a thing.
To be fair, I've only watched the news just enough to know that the people in power, who happen to have penis's, are moving their agenda forward in whatever way they can.
Riding on the back of #metoo, there's a thunderous energetic roar coming from mouths of women around the world: we will not be mistreated anymore!
Amin. Amen. You can't treat me that way. Ever. Yes.
And, as a card-carrying member of the other set of genitals, I'm really asking some different questions.
Are all men the enemies?
Is it really men who we need to fight?
I know men that abuse women.
And men that abuse men.
I know women that abuse women.
And women that abuse men.
I've been a child abused by a woman.
And a child abused by a man.
And lord KNOWS, I've abused myself since then over and over, repeatedly.
So, what then IS our fight?
Is it against?
Is it for?
If it's not men, then who? What?
If it's not abuse, then who? What?
And is there a chance that it is something else altogether?
Judgment kills everything in its path, regardless of who's wielding it.
It is irrespective of the holder's genitals or intent.
It is the thing killing our planet and killing your body and it is the thing that when two or more agree on it, creates a reality.
And so it ends with me.
I'm starting a choir of a different sort.
One that says: as a woman, on this planet, I came here to be and create a totally different reality.
I can fight against you.
Or I can fight for something else.
And I'm fighting for a world that functions outside of judgment.
Outside of the same good-bad-right-wrong thing we KEEP DOING, thinking it's going to create a different result.
- - - - - - - -
If you fight against, you're one of them.
If you fight for a reality beyond this reality, you're the difference you came here to be.

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