How the f*ck do you build a business when there is no "how"?

business Jan 15, 2017

Ok, so this blog is about business.  But maybe I should be calling it the un-business blog.

You may have seen my Facebook rant the other day....  if you didn't, here you go.  

I have really been taking my life apart.  Piece by piece I've been looking at it. 

Why is that number on my monthly list of "must have" moneys?  Why do I want it?  What does it give me?

Why am I in business for myself, anyway?  Maybe I should just go work for someone else who's created something already.  Easier, eh?  Paycheck vs. hustle.

Well, and that's where it all started to break apart in an awesome way.

It kind of all started with this demand of myself that my business really skyrocket this year.  Create income beyond anything I'd created before.

And so, like any good person looking for the answer to the "how", I bought into some classes that promised to show me.  The how.

You might guess how that went.

First of all, I hate being told what to do.  And I also hate things that take a long time.

Yea.  You got the picture.

So, about mid-way through, like it usually happens when I take classes that don't empower me to not know and keep choosing and asking - I stopped.

I also got frustrated and sort of disillusioned.

And so, I had the great idea of getting a job.

If you ever think you've got a good idea, choose the f*ckin thing and see what gets created, that's all I've got to say. 

I put a few resumes out.  I went on a car ride with Jon and we scoped out the potential car dealership employer places.  I started putting myself in those buildings.

And that's when I just KNEW.  I would die in there.  I'd be the pissiest employee ever.  I'd go from being Jesus Christ, the savior of all the nations, to the antichrist, in a single breath.  

And we drove back home after that impromtu field trip, different.

At least I was different.

I felt... empowered.  Badass.

You throw into that mix a networking meeting the other night, where I got to see a few other business people doing their thing, comparing it to my thing, and I realized that my thing (aka.  ME) is just totally different.

And I just knew.  KNEW.

That what I know about creating business, being money, and all that sh*t, doesn't have anything to do with the four steps, the five tips or the eight keys.

I'm not saying I won't ever write a blog that has those silly little words in them, but between you and me, you'll know that when I'm doing that, I'm just trying to get people's attention.

Because honestly, there aren't any four or five or eight steps.

There's being.


And it's as non-linear as it sounds.  But a f*cking fun adventure.

And so "how" do you build a business when there is no how?

How do you "be" when there is no manual for it?

What are the signs that you're being you?  Where do you start when there's no starting point?

Beautiful - there are no answers to these questions.  And this is where it gets good.

I want you to look at your life.  Find the places where you've always just been... magic.

You've gotten exactly what you want.  Easily.  With no real work.

Yea.  That's the how.  

You tell me how you'd train someone else to do that.  Was there a method to your madness?  Or just sheer madness? :)

My madness has created everything up to this point.

Sure, I've added skills.  

Like I needed basic math skills to move into adulthood and make change for people when I would bring them their bill, I needed to learn more stuff about webinars and email automation and stuff.

But honestly, I didn't even need to know any of that when I started.  I needed to know how to create a PayPal link, hire a graphic designer and put some stuff out there.  And even that was way after I was just sharing and being me.

I would invite you to destroy and uncreate your need for "how". 

I would look at what you wish you could start and just pick a place to do just that - and start.

I think when I first started creating business programs, I thought I could show you "how".  I really did.  I care about you and thought that I could.

Everyone wanted to know how I did it.  But I'll tell you, not one person who I showed "how" to do what I did was able to do it.


Because they are not me.  Simple.

And neither are you.  

You are a form of brilliance the world has never known before and the only thing stopping you from being it, is you not being it.

So, what's the journey then?  If it's being you, what can you choose that would invite you to more of that?  To the exploration of how that can show up?

And what would it take to just start somewhere today?

I know I've got a radio show that I've been procrastinating that's got my name on it.......


xo, ~C


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