What choices could you make that would make your classes grow?

success Oct 22, 2018
I watched a new show on Netflix last night called Three Wives, One Husband.
I don't know what it is about those plural marriage shows, but they hook me like a train wreck and I can't look away.
And, this one really is different.
It's less side-show-oddity and more this-is-what-is-for-these-people.
It really warmed me.
The part that really struck me was everyone's acknowledgement that this way of living was a choice.
Women that were considering being a third wife in a family courted the entire family for months at a time. They looked at the choice they were making. Considered the futures it would create.
Widows who had told their dying husband that they would consider his brothers as first choices for next-husbands met with the already-families and wives and everyone together looked honestly at what it would change.
And the ones that were committed to it, were willing to succeed at it, no matter what that took.
No matter what feelings they had.
No matter the struggle.
No matter what they had to overcome in themselves to create something that worked.
It was a choice to create in themselves a way of being with each-other that very few people on the planet were willing or even interested in choosing.
And they weren't going to fail.
THAT, I thought to myself.
How are you being with your classes?
How are you being with what you're creating in the world?
Are you choosing them?
Are you choosing you?
Are you committed to what you're creating no matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes to show up?
No matter what feelings come up?

The cool thing about this story, and life, is that really, we're always succeeding at something.
Every underlying point of view we have is just silently driving our choices onward.
We have to be right about them, and so we just keep making choices that validate them.
Right doesn't mean happy, and happiness isn't valuable and so the fact that our choices aren't making us happy rarely enters the realm of the relevant.
And so we keep on.
Unconsciously creating what we say we don't want that we are secretly committed to that we never can seem to find.
But that brings me to the second thing I LOVE about the story above, and about the conversation I'm beginning to have with myself:
And it's that I can also just choose what I'd like to succeed at.
I can choose it.
I can get aware of energies I'd like to make greater in the world and choose those. 
And be those. 
And make choices that match those.
I can have those conversations and facilitate those classes and add those beautiful things to my already beautiful life.
And all of that possibility just starts with looking at what is now.
Maybe right now, I'm more busy dying.
Maybe right now, failure is more real to me than success has ever been.
Maybe right now, having fewer people in everything just feels more manageable and that whole out-of-control conversation is not something I even want to touch.
So if none of it is right, and none of it is wrong, and all of it is just a choice you can make: 
What would you like to succeed at? 

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